PV Inverter Temp Sensor

PV Inverter Temp Sensor

Temp Sensor for Industry Series

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Install and Use:

1. Use this product within the specified temperature range.

2. Higher temperatures may cause deterioration of the characteristics or the material quality of this product.

3. Do not melt the solder in resin head, when you solder this product. If you melt the solder in the resin head, it has the possibility to break wire, short, and insulation damage.

4. Do not touch the resin head directly with the soldering iron. It may cause the melt of solder in the resin head.

5. At least away from resin head 10mm above when lead dividing.

6. In case you cut the lead wire of this product less than 10mm from the resin head, the heat of melted solder at the lead wire edge is propagated easily to the resin head along the lead wire.

7. The radius of lead bending should be more than 1mm when lead bending. Holding element by side lead wire is recommended when the lead wire is bent or cut.

8. Do not apply excessive force to the lead. Otherwise, it may cause the junction between lead and element to break or crack.

9. The ceramic element of this product is fragile, and care must be taken not to load an excessive press force or not to give a shock at handling. Such forces may cause cracking or chipping.

10. If you mold by resin this product, please evaluate the quality of this product before you use it.

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