Temp Sensor For Power Supply

Temp Sensor For Power Supply

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Temp sensor for power supply

Storage Conditions

1 Ambicnt  Temperature: -10℃~+40℃

2  Relative Humidity: ≦75%RH

3 Keep away from corrosive atmosphere and sunlight

4 Period of Storage: 1 year


Product Application Conditions

1. Maximum service temperature and  maximum power  in the application should not exceed the specification listed in the Product  Specification;

2. Much be handled with care when moving and installing the product;

3. Product should not be used when deformed or rusty casing is observed on product;

4. Product should not be used when broken housing, or excessive deformation on housing is observed;

5. Avoid excessive  temperature fluctuation when operating the product in its operational temperature range;

6. Do not apply excessive shock and vibration on the product;

7. Do not pull or bend the lead wire  excessively;

8. Do not use in any ambient with  corrosion gas (CO2, NH3, Sox, Nox); Do not use in any ambient with an electrolytic solution with brine, acid, alkaline, and organic

9. Do not use in an environment with water, high moisture, and high corrosive solution;

10 Current throughout NTC element will cause self-heating, and may affect the measurement;

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